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On the go; food for outdoor adventures, garden picnics and camping holidays

It finally seems as if the never-ending winter is over and that life is heading back to normal. We are excited to start exploring again, even if only in our local area. Inspired by a recent staycation, I've put together this newsletter full of tips and recipes for food that is easy to prepare and ideal for eating outdoors. Think movable snacks, platters, picnics and going-away prepare-ahead-of-time food…..

Camping family holiday with kids in North Wales

Savoury snacks I’m always trying to create recipes that are healthy and filling but portable for after-school, weekends walks, camping trips and when we are out and about exploring when the weather is too nice to go back home to eat! Here are some easy, savoury, make in advance food for on the move…..

1. Quiche: There are videos on my Instagram showing my 4 year old making my go-to quiche recipe or this blog post breaks it down into easy-to-follow steps. You can vary the fillings to your liking and the season.

Claudine Boulstridge's daughter eating healthy quiche on the go on holiday in North Wales

2. Filo parcels/samosas: Any leftover veg and meat can be thrown in, along with some cheese, and you suddenly have a complete meal perfect for when on-the-go but with not much mess or need for plates! See the recipe here.

Quick and easy healthy filo parcel and samosa recipe

3. Sausage rolls: These are so delicious, tender, moist, tasty and everyone loves them! The best bit is that they are super quick to make; read step-by-step instructions on this blog post showing my 4 year old making them... and enjoying them below on our recent trip to North Wales.

Claudine Boulstridge's young daughter eats healthy and easy to assemble sausage rolls while on holiday in North Wales

4. Meal in a jar: My rainbow chicken salad is popular with my three kids and so pretty. With hardly any chopping, layer up veg, sour cream, cheese, avocado and chicken; pack long spoons, close the lid and go! See the recipe on my website here or my recent Instagram post.

Healthy meal in a jar - rainbow chicken salad - that can be eaten on the go

5. Savoury Muffins: Only 5 ingredients and ready to eat in 20 mins (start to finish), but can be made in advance and reheated for 30 seconds in the microwave prior to serving. Add any veg to make rainbow muffins for extra wow! I posted these recently on my website. You can see the recipe here.

Healthy savoury muffins made with only five ingredients are easy to prepare in advance and enjoy on the go

6. Superfood Strudel: Make small parcels that are easy to carry around, rather than a long snail. It’s great at room temperature, full of nutrient-dense mushrooms, seaweed, nuts and root veg but also full of flavour from lime juice, soy sauce, garlic, herbs and cheese. The recipe is on my website here.

Superfood strudels include mushrooms, seaweed, nuts, root vegetables, lime juice, soy sauce, garlic, herbs and cheese

Sweet treats

No outing is complete without a sweet treat! There’s no need to sacrifice taste for healthiness; my favourite recipes are also nutrient-dense meaning more goodness and less sugar for everyone. See my ideas below....

Claudine Boulstridge's young daughter enjoys healthy elderflower jellies while on the move

1. Raspberry Custard Slice: These silky easy-to-stir-together squares are loved by all and you can vary the fruit filling to mix things up. The recipe can be found on my website here.

Raspberry custard slices are easy to make and can be packed to take on outdoor adventures and camping holidays

2. Jelly: Sweets with almost no sugar that are full of good collagen and great for your skin, joints and gut health. You can see the recipe for jelly sweets I included in my Ottolenghi-themed lunchbox or more recipes and ideas on Instagram.

Jelly is super quick to make, very healthy and easy to transport. It's the perfect on-the-go healthy sweet treat

3. Seed bars: Like a healthy flapjack, these low-sugar vanilla bars are nut free and full of amazing pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and flax seeds. Find the recipe on my website here.

Healthy low-sugar vanilla seed bars are delicious, easy to pack and nut free

4. Mini Honey Cakes: These super simple, stir-together cakes (cooked in 12 mins) are flour-free and taste so buttery. Recipe on my website here. Just make sure not to add the icing if you’re eating them out and about as it might get messy!

Also, my delicious No-sugar Raspberry Bakewells travel well and are flour-free. You can find the recipe here.

Make Claudine's Mini Honey Cakes for a delicious and beautiful sweet treat on the go; they only take minutes

Muffin Tin Picnics

When it's sunny my three kids love to eat outside in the garden. Rather than food sliding off their plates and ruining beautiful picnic rugs, I use a muffin tin to serve lots of healthy snacks picnic-style! When it's hot outside I don't want to stay in the kitchen cooking, so I just throw the contents of the fridge into a tin meaning it's quick, easy and fun for everyone. An additional benefit is less washing up!

Healthy muffin tin picnics are easy to assemble, save washing up and don't make a mess. Ideal for summer days out and about

Here I have put eggs, cheese cut into sticks, ham rolled up with cream cheese, leftover meatballs on sticks, cucumber and carrot sticks, berries, pistachio nuts and gherkins. You can add jelly sweets, olives or whatever takes your fancy!

Healthy muffin tin picnics include eggs, cheese cut into sticks, ham rolled up with cream cheese, leftover meatballs on sticks, cucumber and carrot sticks, berries, pistachio nuts and gherkins


As you’ll know by now, when I have guests over I adore making platters; it's a great way to serve beautiful food without having to cook (and saves lots of time in the process!) and ensures there’s something that appeals to everyone's tastes.

The easiest way to serve food at outdoor parties is to assemble quick, healthy and tasty platters. They are loved by all the family

There are videos and list of ingredients on my Instagram to make cheese platters, Ottolenghi-inspired ones, kid-friendly options and festive ideas, but for those after even more info I’ll be sending out a detailed newsletter on them soon! Sign-up here if you haven't already.

You can also see the recipe for my festive seasonal platter here.

Range of healthy and colourful sweet and savoury platters that feed the family when eatting outdoors

Camping holidays

As soon as restrictions lifted in our area we travelled around North Wales in a camper van. For the trip I planned ahead and prepared several things in advance which resulted in almost zero cooking for me while we were away and plenty of time to enjoy the moment instead.

Claudine Boulstridge's family hiking in North Wales

1. I made my nutritious pink and chocolate seed cereal (recipe on my Instagram) to take with us which we had for breakfast.

Nutritious pink and chocolate seed cereal can be made ahead of time and is perfect to serve for breakfast on camping trips

2. While there I made delicious nutritious turmeric eggs with seaweed. The recipe can be found on my website here.

Nutritious turmeric eggs with seaweed can be made quickly and ideal for camping holidays and eating outdoors

3. We had quiche, sausage rolls and sweet treats for lunch up the mountain and for dinner we had easy make-ahead-of-time tray bakes - I just placed them in the oven; you can see the two different recipes here and here.

Make-ahead-of-time tray bakes feed families on the go. They are perfect for family camping holidays

4. I also took along super tasty ready-made meatballs for the first night; we just had to fry them. With everything ready in advance I just sprinkled on pine nuts, feta and sauce and served with salad; it was all super fresh and easy. My meatballs recipe can be found here.

Prepare in advance and then just fry ready-made meatballs for a healthy, quick and easy family dinner when on holiday

Shop-bought snacks

Sometimes I just don’t have the time (or inclination!) to cook and so I keep a range of emergency snacks in my car for when we stay at the playground late and everyone is starving.

My criteria when I buy packet food is that it shouldn’t have too many ingredients and it needs to be real food with some nutrition! My favourites include seaweed, biltong, dark chocolate and coconut chips; I’ve shared my favourite brands below.

Healthy shop-bought snacks that are perfect for eating on the go include seaweed, biltong, dark chocolate and coconut chips

I hope that this has inspired you to leave the house and enjoy the outdoors… assuming the weather plays along!

Claudine Boulstridge's children enjoy healthy food while on the go during family camping trip to North Wales

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