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Essential Kitchen Equipment Part 2

Most of my recipes are very simple, but in order to make them easily and quickly, I need the right things in my kitchen at home.


As many of you have asked about the equipment I use on a regular basis, I've shared a list of go-to kitchen essentials that I couldn’t make my recipes without.


Have any questions? If so, get in touch at I always love hearing from you and will be happy to help.


Claudine x


 Silicone Moulds


From frozen yoghurts to healthy chocolates, doughnuts, jellies, egg frittatas and healthy cakes, silicone moulds make most food fun!


You can freeze things in them, bake in them or chill anything in them for a quick snack, meal or dessert. 


Slow Cooker


I use one several times a week for easy no-effort healthy dinners that are hot when we get home late.


It also transforms cheaper cuts of meat into amazingly tasty meals!


You can see a full range of easy slow cooker suppers on my Instagram page.




These are essential for turning steaks, kofta and meatballs.


I use a silicone coated one so I don’t scratch my pans.


Wooden Chopping Board or Platter


You know how much I love platters - as they're such an easy way to cater for any kind of occasion at home.


Boards are essential for any chopping, but also for displaying food beautifully as a platter!


I've done online courses in the past on how to assemble platters (link below) and have shared one of my favourite platters here.




These are perfect for scraping every last bit of batter out of a bowl or mixing food in a non-stick pan without scratching it.


Sauté Pans


Nearly all of my dinners that aren’t made in a slow-cooker are prepared in an oven-proof, non-stick sauté pan. One-pot dinners are the way forward!


I use pans that I bought when I worked in a cookery shop in London years ago. They have a durable titanium non-stick coating which isn’t toxic and lasts forever!


If you're looking for more easy healthy supper ideas, check out my weekly meal plan.


Hand-held Blender / Food Processor


Ideal for quickly chopping onions, garlic and carrots for tray bakes, as well as pancake mixture, fish cake mixture, instant ice cream, healthy chocolate puddings and more.


I have both a food processor and a hand-held blender which I love.



It’s so much easier to cook if you have large, sharp knife (it’s safer too!). I have had my knives for years and they didn’t cost much.


I sharpen them just before using them (it takes 30 seconds) with a pull through sharpener and once a year I ask my butcher to sharpen them with a grinder.


Chopping herbs, large vegetables and meat is much easier with a big knife and as long as you use the right techniques it is very safe; with a blunt knife you are pushing and are more likely to slip and cause the knife to go into your skin.


Read more about knife skills on my blog here or watch a demonstration here and here.


Measuring Spoons


To accurately measure small amounts of anything from spices, tomato paste, sugar, salt and honey these are indispensable!


I use them every single day and not just for my job as a recipe tester.


I hope that people making the recipes I create use them too, as there is no better way of ensuring a recipe is successful than measurements being accurate. 

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