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Claudine Boulstridge from Healthy Family Food Idea's festive seasonal platter with cashew nuts with spices, Wensleydale cheese with cranberries and apricots, hot cranberry sauce, saucisson, roasted cauliflower, orange, spinach with cream, smoked salmon, camembert cheese, beetroot hummous, goats cheese, celery, parsnips, cranberries, dill, walnuts and cured beef. A great easy and delicious option to prepare for kid's parties or family gatherings

Ingredients & Equipment

My cooking essentials

With healthy ingredients and the right equipment in your house, cooking well for a family becomes much simpler.

I use a set of staple ingredients to cook dishes that come together quickly and easily, because as well as health, time is my priority. As a working mum with three kids, I can't afford for dinner to be a grand affair every evening.

When eating with kids, presentation also goes a long way. When I started making my kids lunchboxes and experimenting with different forms of presenting food, I discovered how easy it is to make children eat things they wouldn't normally, if it looks fun. Having a variety of helpful equipment is a lifesaver.

Before making some of my recipes, learn more about my favorite ingredients and go-to equipment below.

Healthy breakfast sprinkles created by Claudine Boulstridge
Claudine Boulstridge's daughter sitting in front of a large amount of fresh fruit and vegetables
Yumbox lunchbox with healthy chopped ingredients


Summer fruit salad soup with strawberries, blueberries, passionfruit and cherries. A healthy summer recipe made by Claudine Boulstridge from Healthy Family Food Ideas
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