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Claudine Boulstridge from Healthy Family Food Idea's son eating Yotam Ottolenghi yumbox lunchbox with couscous, boradbeans, cherry tomatoes, pomegranate jellies, greek yoghurt with saffron and pomegranate seeds, purple sweet potatoes and egg. Very easy to make and totally delicious, kid's love it!


Claudine Boulstridge

I am a mother of three young children on a mission to help all kids enjoy real food.


My goal has always been to give my children food that is nutritious but delicious, in order to help them grow without mealtimes feeling like a chore.

Healthy Family Food Ideas started five years ago on Instagram as a photo diary for myself. When my eldest started school it became a way to store successful recipes to go back to when I was lacking inspiration for good lunchbox ideas.... has since moved onto nutritious dinners, snacks, healthy parties, breakfasts, things my kids have cooked and more!

As my following and children have grown, so has my ambition. By sharing the food I cook for my family, my mission is to enhance the health of the next generation by helping other families and their children enjoy healthy food in a fun and easy way.

My aim is to transform the way people cook for their families by going back to basics and eating healthy and real food that's easy to make. I want to reduce processed and sugary food while still ensuring food is tasty and quick to prepare.


I hope you find useful information, recipes and pictures to inspire you and your family on my website. 


For more information about me, read my bio below.

Claudine x

Claudine Boulstridge from Healthy Family Food Ideas chopping an onion demonstrating knife skills with her young son, showing how easy it is to cook for kids, and cook with your children
Claudine Boulstridge from Healthy Family Food Ideas at home in Wales in her kitchen with her three young children cooking an easy quick healthy tasty sweetcorn salad. Her youngest daughter wears a Wren top. She shows how easy it is to cook healthy meals from scratch with kids


Claudine is a French/British chef who grew up all over the world. After graduating from university she studied at Leith's School of Food and Wine, and taught a variety of popular cookery classes at Divertimenti and Cookery School at Little Portland Street in London.

In 2007, while teaching at Leith's, she met Yotam Ottolenghi. Fifteen years on, from her rural home in Wales, she has tested the recipes in all of his books and Guardian, New York Times and Waitrose articles.

Claudine also teaches online workshops, works with renowned food-related brands and creates recipes for her children to cook at home.

She has been featured in national magazines, newspapers and podcasts.

In the press

Cardiff Life
The Guardian
Oxford Gypsy Baker
The Daily Mail
The Parent Scoop
The Guardian

Claudine has been featured in a range of global publications include The Guardian, Le Monde, The Daily Mail, Femail, Cardiff Life and The Parentscoop Podcast.

Cookie-cutter fruit hearts made of mango, peppers, kiwi, cucumber, cheese, ham, carrots and pink rasberry milk jelly
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