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Nothing makes me happier than receiving messages or photos from people who have tried and enjoyed my recipes at home.


Please get in touch with any questions you have and photos of your healthy food creations. All contact details can be found below.

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Claudine Boulstridge from Healthy Family Food Idea's son kid holding party food dolphin on sticks made of mango and watermelon
No-cook cheese cake being eaten by Claudine Boulstridge from Healthy Family Food Idea's kids. Made with mascarpone, kefir yoghurt, xylitol, kiwi, pomegranates, ground almonds and butter. A simple, healthy recipe that can easily be made by children.
Claudine Boulstridge from Healthy Family Food Idea's kid cooking an easy to make quick tasty delicious quiche wearing a Sparks and Daughters children's apron
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