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Healthy Breakfast Alternatives

This month's newsletter is about alternatives to sugary breakfast cereals.


With the new school term starting, I wanted to share some nutritious breakfast ideas to keep everyone happy and healthy as winter approaches (along with annoying coughs and colds).


I believe a good breakfast should be quick and easy to make, made in advance, low-sugar and full of good and filling ingredients. 


I hope you'll enjoy these breakfast alternatives that are far better for you than shop-bought cereal and toast.


You’ll find plenty more ideas on my Instagram such as Cheesecake Breakfast Pots, Blueberry Pastries, healthy Chocolate Puddings and more!


Claudine xxx 


Seed Granola


This recipe can be vanilla, double chocolate crunch or pink raspberry.


Make a big batch in advance and know that breakfast for the week is ready for everyone to help themselves to - without any extra effort.


We like serving it with kefir yoghurt and frozen fruit (or heat frozen fruit in the microwave in winter).


Coconut Chia Seed Breakfast Pots


These pots can be quickly made the night before to ensure a delicious and healthy breakfast full of goodness. 


Healthy Danish Pastries


My kids love having these when we have family over to stay.


They are simple and easy to make, but so much healthier than shop-bought ones.


Make-Ahead Strawberry & Cream Pots


We eat these several times a week! It might sound strange but although they're almost just eggs, they taste like creamy custard and everyone loves them.


Gut-Healthy 'Magic Sprinkles' Breakfast Bowl


This healthy cereal option is not only pretty and delicious, but it’s full of probiotic goodness and nutritious extras!


Egg-Yolk-Only Waffles


So many followers have told me they bought a waffle machine just to make this recipe and have not regretted it!


They taste even better than the real thing, but are magically not full of any rubbish.



No-Sugar Blueberry Pancakes


These pancakes are sweetened only with fruit. They're delicious, soft and loved by all ages!


Magic, Low-sugar, No-bread, Vanilla French Toast


We love this special weekend treat. Make it the day before, then just cook on the day for a soft fluffy inside and crisp outside! 


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