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How to have a healthy Easter

With Easter fast approaching and the kids off school, I wanted to share some quick and healthy recipes to make with, or for, children over the holidays. So keep reading for fun and creative inspiration on how to have a healthy Easter with the family!

My Easter-themed recipes will appeal to kids of all ages; some of them double up nicely as party food for any spring-time birthday parties.

Of course we have some shop-bought chocolate eggs at home, but generally I try not to buy too many. I hope that these recipes inspire you and your kids to get in the kitchen this Easter instead!

Wishing you all a special weekend celebrating with your friends, families and loved ones.

Claudine x


Fun Easter Breakfasts

Scrambled or fried eggs can be made much more appealing to kids by turning them into bunnies.

Try bacon for ears, chives or grated cheese for whiskers and blueberries or olives for a nose!


Easter Party Platters

Recently my youngest had a spring themed rabbit party; I made a simple vegetable platter with sour cream and chives in hollowed out cabbages in the centre.

Just add any vegetables you like on a tray/platter and serve a dip in the middle.


Easter Salad Bowl

Another great and easy way to get some greens onto the Easter table is an Easter salad bowl.

Place a whole lettuce head in a medium sided bowl. Add some carrot, red and yellow pepper sticks, some chives or herbs, slightly steamed broccoli and dot with a few radishes.

A simple sour cream or yoghurt dip in an egg cup works well in the middle.

Make the bowl look festive with some rabbits for decoration.


Easy Roasted Carrot Dip

Follow the recipe here for an easy way to make vegetables taste even better... for both kids and adults. Nothing gets people eating vegetables more easily than a delicious dip.

I've also shared a few other ways below to make eating carrots more fun:


Magic Wands

These fruit cut-outs on a stick make a fun and super easy-to-make snack for all ages.

Cut slices of mango, melon or watermelon, then use a cookie cutter to stamp out Easter shapes. Thread blueberries onto a wooden stick or metal skewer and top with the fruit cut outs.

Little cookie-cutters can also be useful to stamp out mini rabbits in Babybel cheese (or just out of a slice of cheese).


Healthy Easter Jelly

Did you know gelatin is collagen? I know I say this a lot but it’s because it’s not at all well-known; ditch the anti-ageing face cream and instead steal the kids sugar-free jelly!

It is rich in protein and amino acids and is great for gut health, bones, joints, nails and more. And all you need to make it fun is an Easter-themed mould.

Find my strawberry jelly recipe here.


Sugarproof Healthy Easter Recipes

I love Sugarproof Kid's book and ideas for how to reduce sugar in childrens' diets.

I made two of their Easter recipes recently, Mini Nests with Chocolate Almond Eggs and their version of Cadbury Creme Egg (the bought version contains a scary 26.5g of sugar!)

See their website for both recipes.


Easter-themed Lollies

These Easter-bunny shaped lollies look super cute and are wonderfully healthy.

Or try Easter egg shaped lollies (see right). Mix together kefir yoghurt (or plain natural or coconut yoghurt) with some raw honey and vanilla paste.

Spoon into egg-shaped silicone moulds. Place a wooden or white thin stick in one end and freeze for a few hours.

There are lots of Easter-themed silicone moulds available online and in cookery shops.

Easiest-ever healthy 'Easter eggs'

Check out this 5-minute recipe for strawberries and cream 'eggs'; a quick, healthy and filling treat that anyone can make; they just need to be blitzed and shaped.

Super nutritious, they contain sunflower seeds which are rich in B complex vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, protein and vitamin E.

My kids also love making these cookie dough balls that can be made to look just like Easter eggs.


Bunny Hard-boiled Eggs

This recipe is a great way to make healthy hard-boiled eggs a fun thing for kids to eat.

Simply boil an egg, peel, place in the moulds and chill. Once chilled remove from the mould and serve, it will keep its shape. You can buy moulds especially for boiled eggs online.

If you don't have moulds you can easily transform a boiled egg into a chicken with small pieces of carrot. These make great lunchbox fillers.

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