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Easter special: How to prepare for a healthy fun weekend

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

With Easter around the corner I wanted to share my tips on how I prepare for the celebrations in a way that is fun for my kids, but also as healthy as possible. Of course we have some shop-bought chocolate eggs, but generally I try not to buy too many. To help inspire, below you will find some ideas for a creative, fun and not too unhealthy Easter with the family!

Celebrating healthy Easter with kids. Instead of buying shop-bought chocolate, make healthy, quick and easy to make homemade food

Easter-themed recipes

Below I've shared some Easter-themed recipes that will appeal to kids of nearly all ages. Some of them double up nicely as party food for any spring-time birthday parties.

1. Fun Easter breakfasts Scrambled eggs can be turned into a bunny with a bacon for ears, chives or grated cheese for whiskers and blueberries or olives for a nose! I always get great ideas from from the wonderful Funny Food Art website by Bill Wurtzel.

Funny Food Art by Bill Wurtzel. Make a healthy Easter-themed breakfast bunny with bacon, eggs and tomatoes. Fun and easy to make in minutes

2. Easter salad bowl

This is a great way to get some greens onto the Easter table and it's very simple. Place some lettuce leaves in a medium sided bowl. Add some carrot, red and yellow pepper sticks, some chives or herbs, slightly steamed broccoli and dot with a few radishes. A simple sour cream or yoghurt dip in an egg cup works well in the middle. Make the bowl look festive with some rabbits for decoration.

Layout of healthy Easter table showing colourful Easter-themed salad decorated with fun themed bunny decorations

3. Healthy strawberry jelly

Did you know gelatin is collagen? I know I say this a lot but it’s because it’s not at all well-known; ditch the anti-ageing face cream and instead steal the kids sugar-free jelly! It is rich in protein and amino acids and has many health benefits. Read more below if you are interested.

How to make jelly: Place 400ml water in a saucepan and add 7 tbsp grass fed organic gelatin. Leave for a few minutes to absorb then gently heat and stir until dissolved. Pour into a blender along with 200ml water, 200g defrosted (or fresh if in season) strawberries and 200g defrosted (or fresh if in season) raspberries (you can sieve it for extra-smooth no-pips jelly but I don’t usually bother!). Pour into silicone moulds and set in the fridge for a few hours until firm.

Health benefits: consuming collagen is great as we get older as it can improve wrinkles and skin roughness and elasticity. It also helps with bones, joints, nails, weight loss and gut health. Collagen is naturally found in fish, chicken, eggs, beef and dairy products. However, having a little extra can help and especially if your diet lacks it.

Healthy jelly in fun bunny-shaped mould creates a festive Easter treat that looks delicious and is super healthy for both kids and adults

4. Yoghurt dip with mini-carrots

Fill terracotta little pots with sour cream mixed with salt, pepper and a drop of olive oil. With a sharp knife twist a hole in the top of some baby carrots. Make sure to dip picked parsley in the sour cream and place in the hole (as this helps it not fall out). Place in the sour cream dip.

Colourful Easter table with plates, bowls and cups from Make It Pop Shop in Cardiff. It shows a healthy Easter-themed dip with carrots and sour creme in a flower pot, decorated with spring flowers

5. Fruit on a stick cut-outs

Cut slices of mango, melon or watermelon. Then use a cookie cutter to stamp out Easter shapes. Thread blueberries onto a wooden stick or metal skewer and top with the fruit cut outs. Little cookie-cutters can also be useful to stamp out mini rabbits in Babybel cheese (or just out of a slice of cheese).

Cutting board show healthy cut outs of melon in Easter-themed cut-outs in the shape of bunnies, flowers and chicks. Cookie-cutters easily turn fruit into fun shapes
Claudine Boulstridge's young daughter shows a healthy fruit stick made with mango and blueberries. They have been cut-out with cookie cutters in the shape of a bunny
Babybel cheese has been cut out in Easter-themed bunny shapes using a bunny cookie cutter. This is a very simple and easy way of making cheese appealing to kids

6. Milk jelly sweets

These are a great replacement for shop-bought sweets. Below I've shown the larger jelly version but with smaller individual moulds you can create small sweets.

Instructions: Place 300ml cold water in a saucepan and sprinkle over 6tbsp of gelatin, leave for a few minutes. Then heat until dissolved. Add to 600ml whole milk, 200ml double cream, 2 tbsp xylitol or maple syrup and 1 tbsp vanilla paste. Pour into silicone moulds and put in the fridge until set (this normally takes 2 – 3 hours).

Beautifully laid-out Easter table showing healthy milk jelly in the shape of an Easter bunny. Create this effect by using Easter-themed moulds

7. Sugar-free, dairy-free chocolate

These take literally five minutes to make and taste just like chocolate but are actually just good fat (coconut) with collagen and very low in sugar. They contain no nasties like most shop-bought chocolates. They can be raspberry or orange or just plain. Have a go! The recipe below makes about 15 small ones.


60g coconut oil

3 tbsp cocoa powder

2 tbsp freeze dried raspberry powder or 1 tsp orange zest - this is optional but if you don’t like the taste of coconut this is a good idea

1 tbsp vanilla paste

Instructions: Place the coconut oil in a bowl and heat in the microwave for 1 minute. Stir in the remaining ingredients and spoon into small silicone moulds (sat on a tray or plate) and chill in the fridge for 2-3 hours. Unlike normal chocolate, the coconut oil must be kept cold as otherwise it melts. Therefore, store in the fridge; they last up to a week if kept chilled. Enjoy!

Claudine demonstrates how easy it is to make your own healthy chocolate at home. Using themed moulds you can quickly and easily created chocolate words and shapes that really appeal to children

8. Kefir yoghurt mango Easter bunny lollies

These look super cute and are wonderfully healthy. Blend together the following: 100g frozen defrosted mango cubes (or fresh), 100g kefir yoghurt, 1 tbsp vanilla paste, 1 tsp maple syrup (add for extra sweetness if your mango isn't very ripe). If you are using a hand-held blender use a high bowl or jug. Place in 3 bunny moulds and freeze.

Three Kefir yoghurt mango Easter bunny lollies displayed on a colourful plate in Easter colours. These healthy lollies are very easy and quick to make using silicone moulds

9. Easter egg-shaped healthy ice-cream lollies

Mix together Greek yoghurt (or plain natural or kefir yoghurt) with some xylitol (or honey) and vanilla paste. Spoon into egg-shaped silicone moulds. Place a wooden or white thin stick in one end and freeze for a few hours.

Claudine Boulstridge's young daughter in her pyjamas eating an Easter egg-shaped healthy ice-cream lolly

10. Bunny-shaped hard-boiled eggs

This is a great way to make healthy hard-boiled eggs a fun thing to eat. Simply boil an egg, peel, place in the moulds and chill. Once chilled remove from the mould and serve, it will keep its shape. If you don't have moulds you can easily transform a boiled egg into a chicken with small pieces of carrot (photo below). These make great lunchbox fillers.

Healthy yumbox lunchbox. Make even school lunches appealing by creating Easter-themed healthy lunches. This yumbox lunchbox shows bunny-shaped hard-boiled eggs

Fun Easter-themed games

In addition to the classic Easter egg hunt, which all revolves around chocolate, below are some great games to distract kids from endlessly opening and eating eggs.

1. Playdough

This is so easy to make (I use the amazing Imagination Tree website for her no-cook play dough recipe) and can be shaped or cut out (with a cookie cutter) into any festive/seasonal characters or item!

Claudine Boulstridge's daughter makes playdough and uses cookie-cutters to cut out Easter-themed shapes. The recipe comes from the Imagination Tree website

2. Smashing left-over egg shells This is a great way to reuse the two halves after breaking open an egg, and perfectly Easter-themed. Once dry, write words on the top (like age-appropriate spellings) and get the children to smash them with a spoon if they read them correctly! This was also really helpful when I was teaching my son to read.

Claudine's son plays a fun word game by smashing egg shells with words written on them to learn how to read.

3. Flower decorations

Collect daisies and buttercups from the garden and stick them on sticky-back plastic. Cover with more sticky-back plastic and cut into an egg shape. These make such pretty spring-time Easter-themed decorations.

Create pretty Easter-themed flower decorations to decorate your house with. Here Claudine's daughter makes a laminated hanging egg-shaped decoration using daisies and buttercups collected by the kids from the garden

I hope these tips inspire you and your kids to get in the kitchen this Easter. Wishing you all a special weekend celebrating with your friends, families and loved ones!

Claudine Boulstridge's three young children play with cute Easter chicks from their hens, sat in their kitchen at home in Wales

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