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Claudine's Healthy Family Food Ideas work station with yumbox lunch box, yoghurt, cookie cutters, fresh fruit, vegetables, peas, yoghurt, yellow pepper, pomegranate seeds, mango, olives, grapes, dragonfruit, feta and boiled eggs on a blue background



Claudine Boulstridge from Healthy Family Food Ideas cooking at a work surface with her young daughter in the background wearing a Wren dress
Blue yumbox lunchbox with rice paper wrapper rolls with carrots, cucumber, purple cabbage, avocado and red pepper, babybel cheese, eggs, cherry tomatoes, pistachios, orange and watermelon


Simple and easy to make recipes for all the family

For those looking to feed a family but are short on time explore my favourite recipes. Sign-up to my newsletter to have recipes delivered directly to your inbox.

Transforming the way families view food

I am a mother of three on a mission to help all children eat real food.


My aim is to enhance the health of the next generation by helping children and families enjoy delicious healthy food in a fun and easy way.


I want to transform the way people view food by going back to basics and creating nutritious food that's tasty yet simple to prepare from scratch.

Claudine Boulstridge from Healthy Family Food Idea's colourful and easy to make shakshuka recipe with egg yolks, sweet potatoe, beef mince, coriander leaves, sour cream, picked red onions and red bell pepper sprinkles
Claudine Boulstridge from Healthy Family Food Idea's young daughter eating a healthy and easy to make chocolate dessert with cream, eggs, chocolate and xylitol with an icecream cone shaped children's spoon
Easy, quick to make and delicious Yotam Ottolenghi inspired food platter that is perfect for sharing and special occasions when you don't feel like cooking with harissa with yoghurt, saffron yoghurt and pomegranate, hummous topped with dukkah, feta with pomegranate molasses, lemon wedges, thyme springs, pistachio nuts, soft-boiled eggs, black sesame seeds, bread with zatar spice, green olives, red and yellow peppers, carrots, cherry tomatoes and cucumber made by Claudine Boulstridge from Healthy Family Food Ideas

“Claudine is very methodical, and never leaves a stone unturned. If she says 'wow' you know you've got a winner."


Yotam Ottolenghi

Claudine Boulstridge from Healthy Family Food Idea's easy and quick to make home-made granola with coconut yoghurt, greek yoghurt, kefir yoghurt, frozen raspberries, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, linseed, desiccated coconut, pecan nuts
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