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7 Easy Christmas Leftovers & New Year's Recipes

Already stressing about hosting New Year straight after Christmas? Need to have some ‘Christmas leftovers’ recipes ready up your sleeve?


Then this is the blog for you! Keep reading to discover my favourite leftover recipes and some simple new years recipes I love to cook.


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year!


Claudine x



This super delicious recipe is a very easy way to use up any leftover veg and meat and make a tasty dinner in mere minutes. It’s perfect for transforming Christmas leftovers into a new meal! 


Click here to see a video of my 9-year-old folding up the mixture in filo pastry. It’s super easy to do. 


Boxing Day Leftover Muffins

This is a super-simple, throw-all-your-Christmas-Day-leftovers-in-a-bowl-and-stir recipe, cooked in just 15 minutes for a festive breakfast or lunch. 


These healthy, light, soft, buttery and flour-free muffins are a great way to reinvent your leftovers to minimise waste after your Christmas feast.


Easy Fragrant Coconut Chicken Rice

Using up Boxing Day leftovers, this recipe if perfect for all the family. It's a great sauce to throw your leftover veg and meat into for an easy, quick and delicious meal.


We eat it all year round however as a great family midweek meal!


Easy Turkey Fritters with Gut-Healthy Cranberry Dipping Sauce

Got leftover chicken or turkey? This is the recipe you need! I hope this fluffy, tasty, quick and nutritious recipe helps you have a bit more time for fun or relaxation.


It’s a fully balanced meal but it's just all thrown together and mixed in a bowl and cooked in one pan.


Chocolate Dipped Tangerines

Too many tangerines left around the house…..?


These are the perfect refreshing 5-mins-to make festive healthy snack! 


Salmon en Croûte

New Year glam but super easy! This salmon with delicious lemon sauce is so quick to make! 

I know people think it’s very complicated but honestly, this recipe is really simple and fast to make. 

Full of omega-3, protein, B vitamins, potassium and selenium it's a great healthy dinner for the family.


Probiotic Kefir Creamy Frozen Berry Trifle

This beautiful trifle winter is made in just 10 minutes and is so creamy, refreshing and low in sugar.  


It contains gut-healthy kefir yoghurt, nutritious eggs, the lowest sugar fruits and raw honey to make it a lot healthier than your average trifle!


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