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10 Simple & Seasonal Festive Recipes

We all love to eat good food at Christmas, but most of us don’t have the time to cook long and complicated recipes!


To help with this I've shared 10 of my favourite Christmas recipes below. Most of them have very few ingredients, are mixed in one bowl, cooked quickly in one pan and are so easy that even kids can make them.


I hope these simple recipes help you eat well and easily this Christmas! 


Claudine xxx


Easy Christmas Eve Platter

My festive platter was featured in the Daily Mail's12 trends of Christmas.


On Christmas Eve I don’t like to cook, so a healthy, no-cook, seasonal platter meal in front of the fireworks works well for everyone.


Chocolate Orange Dessert

This amazingly silky and smooth dessert is super simple to make, and is actually full of goodness (yolks are jam-packed with nutrients!).


Made in 5 mins and using only 6 ingredients, it will soon be your favourite festive dessert. It’s like liquid Terry’s chocolate orange but without all the sugar! 


Christmas Veg En Croute

This make-in-advance dinner is full of seasonal ingredients and is so, so tasty… the whole family will adore it! 


It’s made in one pan and is filled with super nutritious ingredients like seaweed (but no one will know) and shiitake mushrooms, as well as festive ingredients. All in all, it’s a great family dinner. 


Quick Cranberry and Orange Mini Cakes

This recipe is very simple, super tasty, stir-altogether-in-a-bowl, cooked in 12 mins, very low in sugar, healthy, light, soft, buttery and flour-free.


No-Cook Seasonal Platter

No cooking required and enjoy food by the fire... what's not to love!  

This easy, quick and beautiful option has something for everyone.


Low-Sugar Meringue Roulade

You’re going to love this recipe as it’s super quick to make and the fluffy, cloud-like sponge with vanilla whipped cream and berries (frozen as they aren’t in season) is divine.


My daughter always has three helpings and wants more! 


Festive breakfast


This may look hard but actually takes 10 mins to make and is only made using 5 ingredients (eggs, butter, vinegar, herbs and red pepper flakes).


Beautiful, super creamy, delicious and full of goodness (yolks and butter are packed full of nutrients), this is such a treat! 


No-sugar Strawberry and Vanilla Jam


Using only 3 ingredients (one being frozen strawberries as they aren’t in season!) you can easily and quickly make this delicious jam. It’s incredible how much sugar there is in bought jam so make this much better version... and it tastes delicious.


Bonus if you start saving your empty jars now, it makes a great gift for Christmas!


Festive Ice cubes


Making healthy water (and drinks) festive! It’s funny but it’s often harder in winter to drink lots of plain water….. but it's not great to always be drinking sugary hot chocolate. So this is an idea for you to try to make water festive and fun! 


These quick-to-make, extra-special ice cubes will jazz up your evening drinks / mocktails this Christmas!  They take 5 mins to make and are so beautiful and tasty! Kids love making them too.


5-min-to-make Healthy Christmas Chocolates


These are very low sugar, skin-boosting and dairy-free, but taste absolutely delicious! 


They are essentially just good fat (coconut, but you can’t really taste it) with collagen (optional but more about the great benefits with the recipe) and contain no nasties like most bought chocolates. 

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